Class 222 Ex-Midland Mainline

Class 222 Ex-Midland Mainline

25th December 2021 0 By Clowes

This is a patch for the Class 222 into Ex-Midland Mainline and Ex-MML East Midlands Trains. There are other small features such as new bike and wheelchair decals, as well as new First Class decals (because the JT ones were hideous).

What’s Included?
Ex-MML (Unbranded) and Ex-MML (EMT Branded)
PreLoads for various coach lengths (the 222s have had complex reforms so read the manual)

Just Trains Class 222*

A manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

BodgeItTMD – Child Objects! And the manual format.
Josh Thorpe – Testing and will be creating scenarios

*Not sure if it works with the Steam version of the 222