Class 150/2 West-South West Regional Destinations

Class 150/2 West-South West Regional Destinations

20th May 2021 0 By Chris Horsfield

Class 150/2 South & West Regional Destinations

This package is an update to a previous pack I released a few years ago, for the Class 150/2 that works in the West and South West of England and parts of Wales.

There are 3 types included:
Black on white roller blinds (pre FGW era)
White on black roller blinds (FGW era)
LED TrainFX displays (GWR era)

All textures are done from scratch in high resolution, which gives a much better appearance in game.

These textures will apply to the following liveries:
Regional Railways (WW & WX)
Wessex Trains
First Great Western
Great Western Railway

In keeping with the original destinations and assignments that came with the pack, many new destinations have been added to vacant positions, and a full list is supplied with this pack.



Class 150/2 DMU Pack (AP)


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