[CH] 2C59 17:44 York – Leeds (27/10/20)

[CH] 2C59 17:44 York – Leeds (27/10/20)

28th October 2020 3 By 45596 Bahamas

Take one of Northern’s class 150/s (150214) from York to Leeds via the extremely scenic Harrogate Loop. You will finish your service at Leeds where you will then register as 5C59 and bring the unit into Neville Hill depot for the night.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- Due to electric locos/units not being under some OHLE, this scenario will start off with a black box saying ‘Broken Consists – Modified’. Simply press ‘F2’ and then ‘Cancel’ and you can continue. (This issue will not affect the player train)


AP Class 150/2
AP Class 158 (Perkins+Cummins)
AP Class 170 EP
AP Class 67 EP
AP Class 91 EP
AP Class 43 (VP185) EP
ATS Class 333 Reskin (Not available anymore)
ATS LNER 800 ‘Azuma’
JT Class 220/221 ‘Voyager’
JT Class 153
DTG Class 801
MJW Northern Class 170
MJW Weathered VTEC/LNER Class 91
MJW Northern Class 155
Fullersim Class 185