[CH] 1A30 12:45 Leeds – London Kings Cross

[CH] 1A30 12:45 Leeds – London Kings Cross

15th May 2021 1 By 45596 Bahamas

Due to hairline cracks found on Hitachi Class 80Xs, they were all temporarily suspended from service meaning a lack of trains. 91106 was drafted in from Leeds, Neville Hill Depot, to work some services for LNER whilst other trains were being inspected.

In this scenario, you drive one of the services that was IC225 powered from Peterborough to London Kings Cross on the 14th of May 2021. On this day, 91110 was also out and about, however it was working a service behind you. With that, it should be a fine run down to the Cross, but be prepared for a few possible ambers.


ATS LNER Class 800 Reskin
ATS LNER/VTEC Class 91 Reskin Pack
ATS GBRf Class 66 2018+ Reskins
AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 91 EP
AP Class 170 Ep
AP Class 365 EP
AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
BMG Welsh Marches Route
DTG Class 08 TOC Pack (EWS & Freightliner)
DTG Class 180
DTG ECML South (London – Pboro)
Superalbs AI Class 700/707/717 Pack

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