[CB] Southernario Mini Pack

[CB] Southernario Mini Pack

18th May 2019 3 By CrankyBot

**Developer Notice: I am aware some of you may have issues in Scenario 2 & 4 pertaining to a Missing Portal3 – not sure why the portals didn’t carry over into the scenario pack but never the less you should be okay to run the scenarios if you F2 & Cancel, any further issues please let me know and I will work on a patch up for it.**

The Southernario [Southern-scenario] Mini Pack was a requested comprisement of 4 scenarios based on the North London, Goblin & South 2015 route. Featuring in this 4-scenario pack is 3 hours of plentiful AI and adverse signalling to keep you on your toes and focused.

Whether it be making your way to West Croydon on the Gipsy branch or traversing under the night sky to Beckenham Junction the choice is yours!

Requirements For Scenarios:
– Danny’s North London, Goblin & South 2015 Route [STEAM WORKSHOP]
– DTG’s Chatham Mainline (London – Gillingham) [STEAM]
– RSC’s Brighton Mainline [STEAM]
– DTG’s Class 378 [STEAM]
– RSC’s South London Network Route [STEAM] + Superalbs’ Class 387 GX Reskin [Superalbs]
– DTG’s Class 455/8 [STEAM]
– ATS’ Class 700/707/717 Desiro Pack [AlanThomsonSim]