1H89 1307 Holyhead – Manchester Piccadilly – Class 67!

1H89 1307 Holyhead – Manchester Piccadilly – Class 67!

16th May 2019 1 By Adam Forsyth

You are in charge of the 1307 Holyhead to Manchester TfW WAG service. You are calling at principle stations en-route between Holyhead and Chester where your relief driver is waiting to take the set into Manchester. Due to 82308 failure you are running with T&T Class 67s today with 67024 in Belmond livery with 67001 on the rear providing ETH only. Have fun ?


DTG Class 67 + AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack
Major Wales ATW Mk3+DVT
RSC Class 159 + Class 158 Enhancement Packs (Both Versions)
South Wales Costal + Major Wales ex AWT Class 175
AP Class 150/2 + Ex ATW Class 150/2

If you have any probems or feedback for ths scenario then please do not hesitate to contact me either via email or comment on the ATS page

Thank you for trying out my work ?