(BL) 2R04 / 2T12 Hull-York-Leeds 2021

(BL) 2R04 / 2T12 Hull-York-Leeds 2021

8th April 2021 0 By LangtonPhotography

This morning you are driving 158848 on the remainder of 2R04 into York from Church fenton. Upon arrival you have a fairly short turn around before heading off on 2T12, the 11:07 departure to Leeds. 155341 has spent some time around NL and Leeds recently, and has previously worked the inbound service from Leeds (2T11) but is wanted back with the rest of its classmates in Hull, so therefore is to swap onto the returning Hull service, and in turn you are to work the returning Leeds service. A fairly easy run however try to keep to time for the better experience, i have based the run on the current covid-19 timetables (as of March/April 2021), with the exception of 158s replacing 195s, and a few freights to make the scenario abit more lively which are based off real sightings in and around York however were not running on the day of choice on realtime trains that i looked at for help with the creation of this scenario.

Armstrong Powerhouse
Cummins & Perkins class 158 enhancement packs
And associated requirements
MTU and VP185 class 43 HST enhancement packs
And associated requirements
Class 150/2 multiple unit pack
Class 168/170/171 multiple unit pack
And associated requirements
Class 66 enhancement pack
And associated requirements
Sky & Weather enhancement pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Wherry Lines

Class 153

Major Wales Designs
Class 153 revamp
ARN Class 155
ARN Class 170

Leeds Lines Phase 2
And associated requirements
Northern Class 158 varients
LNER/VTEC & EMR HST reskin Packs
Class 800 IET LNER Azuma
And associated requirements
Fuller Simulations Class 185 pack
And associated requirements
Maritime & PD ports class 66 reskin pack

Settle – Carlisle

Vulcan Productions
66783 BIFFA reskin

Class 158 ScotRail Branding Patch + Ex ScotRail Arriva Northern Variant
TPE 802 reskin

Im still new to scenario creation so wont be perfect, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography