(BL) 2B07 07:36 Buxton to Manchester Piccadilly (2018)

(BL) 2B07 07:36 Buxton to Manchester Piccadilly (2018)

8th April 2024 5 By LangtonPhotography

An hour long scenario for the brilliant Buxton extension to the Hope valley part of the Midland Mainline route by Just trains featuring a run in a single class 150/1 still in it’s ex FGW colour scheme having recently transferred to the North from GWR, starting in the stabling road you’ll quickly shunt into the platform and head straight out calling at most stations along the way on a beautiful October morning back in 2018.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 156 multiple unit pack
*Class 150/1 and *150/2 multiple unit packs
Class 158 (perkins & cummins) EP
*Class 142 multiple unit pack
*Class 390 sound pack
Class 350 EP
Class 175 EP
*Sky & Weather EP
Cloud EP


*Class 185
*PenninePacers Huddersfield to Manchester stations route (for the class 323)
*BH Reskins class 390 reskin pack (WCML South version)

Just trains:



*Ex FGW Class 150/1 reskin


*Associated requirements for the 3rd party content

* – required or recommended for the scenario to work as intended

Please see the included scenario manual for installation instructions and any further scenario information, Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography