Birmingham Cross City Advanced Quick Drives

Birmingham Cross City Advanced Quick Drives

8th April 2021 0 By stevegreen

Updated 05/10/2021 for the updated DTG X City (They changed the track.bin which broke my old QDs)

Set after the start of the WMR/LNR franchise in 2018 while many LM liveried units were awaiting the WMT branding, just to provide some variety in colour. This adds a more advanced quick drive to:-

– Add AI Class 170XC/LM/WM, 153LM, 158AW, 220XC, 221VT, 390VT, 350LM(AP), 66(AP), 60(JT)
– Provide a random delay in several places.


DTG Cross City Line addon (Steam) + LM Class 323 Sound Pack from ATS + Cross City Signal Mod from ATS
Class 170 (Steam) + AP class 170 EP + Clowes WMT skin on ATS
Class 150-1 (Steam) + AP class 150-1EP
Class 153 (Just Trains)
Class 159 (Steam) + AP Class 158 EP
Class 220/221 Just Trains
Class 390 (Old one) + Horgy VT skin
Portsmouth-Waterloo for the 450 + AP350EP
There is some freight which will require the DTG Class66pack03/JT 60 and various DTG/JT/AP wagons*

If you don’t have some of these items, not to worry as the QDs will still work.
* Few AI consists on King’s Norton – Bromsgrove section

Drag the Assets and Content folder from the zip to your Railworks folder. Overwrite if asked.

To play a Quick Drive choose your start station which is labelled 2018.

I’ve done quite some testing to make sure no collisions occur, but let me know in the comments if you get a problem giving as much detail as possible (such as your start and end stations, the collision vehicles involved and their approximate location.

QD is a bit basic, so if you hang about, you probably find all the AI has driven off from places like New St.
There’s as much randomisation in terms of signaling and AI type as I can get while avoiding errors with AI wandering off path and colliding or grinding a halt.