5Z24 Wolverton Centre Sidings to Soho LMD

5Z24 Wolverton Centre Sidings to Soho LMD

8th April 2021 2 By Stenkil

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Hello everyone this scenario is for WCML South v5.3.

Drive a West Midlands Railway class 323 unit from Wolverton till Birmingham International. In reality this service stops for 20 minutes at Northampton for pathing clearance and passing other services. But here you will be held up for around 10 minutes to let a freight train pass. Do not expect a clear run up till Rugby.

Scenario name: [SSF] 5Z24 17:30 Wolverton Centre Sidings to Soho LMD
Route: WCML South v5.3
Traction: 323209
Start and end locations: Wolverton and Birmingham Intl.
Duration: 55-60 minutes
Year: 2021


1. Class 70
2. Class 66 v2.0 (all versions)
3. Class 159
4. Birmingham Cross-city line
5. Portsmouth Direct Line
6. WCML South
7. Class 57/0 Freightliner
8. Class 08 TOC

1. Class 319 Vol. 1 pack
2. Class 66 EP
3. Class 158 Perkins EP
4. Class 350 EP
5. FSA/FTA wagon pack

Virtual Bus:
1. Class 323 West Midlands Railway reskin

1. Class 323 WMR Destinations
2. Class 323 Sound Pack
3. Freightliner Class 66 Pack – v2.1 –
4. Class 319: London Midland/London Northwestern Railway Livery Pack
5. WCML South v5.3

1. Transport for Wales Class 158
2. Class 390 revamp pack

1. MJA ‘GBRF blue’
2. MJA ‘freightliner’ branding pack

1. Class 57 DRS Flash Blue Green

1. The maximum speed for the unit is 90mph.
2. At Northampton you NEED NOT press TAB for clearance as the signal will change once the whole freight train passes.