BH Class 390 Reskin Pack

BH Class 390 Reskin Pack

9th December 2019 101 By BHReskins

This Version of the Pack is for the discontinued Virgin Trains Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ DLC
If you are looking for the DTG WCMLS version it can be found here

This pack depicts several Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ liveries, worn over the Virgin Trains West Coast period, from introduction to the Avanti era.


The list is as follows:
VT Red/Grey (Striped Doors)
VT Red/Grey (Plain Grey Doors)
VT Red/Grey (Plain Grey Doors, Yellow Coupling Hatch)
VT Red/Grey (Arrive Awesome)
VT Red/Grey (Fly Virgin Trains)
VT Red/Grey (Business is Great)
VT Red/Grey (Virgin Radio)
VT Red/Grey (Debranded)
VT Alstom (Striped Doors)
VT Alstom (Plain Grey Doors)
VT Flowing Silk
VT Flowing Silk (Black Window Bands)
VT Flowing Silk (Pride Rainbow)
VT Poppy
White (Black Window Bands)

What’s included?
The aforementioned liveries, PreLoads for all, and a batch file for easy installation.

Steam: Virgin Class 390 (Discontinued 06/12/2019)
AP Class 390 Sound Pack

These reskins were made by Brad Harding.
Thank you to James Ivell for the PreLoads.
Thanks to Clowes for the batch file, manual, and arrive awesome decal.

(10/12/2019) 11:25 Change to the batch file to fix errors for multiple users.
Added PreLoad for Fly Virgin Trains.
(16/12/2019) 23:40 Edits to PreLoads to give more easily understood names.
Added LocoInformation Pics with correct liveries.
All glass should now be the tweaked AP SP glass.
(05-01-2020) 15:00 Got to the bottom of the missing Glass issue (or so I hope).
Rerunning just the batch file from the Assets folder should suffice.