Avanti WC Voyager North Wales Coast

Avanti WC Voyager North Wales Coast

18th September 2020 6 By Ashlightfoot

Avanti West Coast Class 221 Reskin North Wales Coast


North Wales Coast (Discontinued but can be found on some sites I believe)


First of all you need to Navigate to this folder:


You may have to extract the .AP File before you can find the above folder

Once you have done this right click on the Default folder click copy and paste in the same place

Then you need to rename that folder to Avanti WC

Then drag and drop the Avanti WC folder into the SuperVoyager folder and click yes to Overwrite

Install complete and now you should have a working reskin.

Known issues – Virgin Emblem Badge cannot be removed on this unit unfortunately
Passenger view has not been changed as of yet.

Feel free to check out some of my Scenario packs if you may available here:

Alan Thomson Simulation

Thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy

Please do NOT Distribute this skin without my prior permission Thank you