Autumn Steam Gala 2019: 1140 Bishops Lydeard-Williton

Autumn Steam Gala 2019: 1140 Bishops Lydeard-Williton

14th December 2020 0 By WesternPathfinder

A scenario for the Steam Sounds Supreme enhanced West Somerset Railway, following one of the ‘local’ shuttles which took place throughout the whole event. I have ensured that all carriage formations, liveries and bogie variants have been included exact to the formations running over the event. Stock placed in sidings will also be more or less similar to the event as well.

Whilst the WSR ‘Mogul’ included with Version 3 of the WSR Members Edition has some excellent sounds, it does not have the best livery quality or modelling, so for the sake of a more enjoyable ride I have used the Digital Traction 43xx, which I find a relatively close match to the real thing.

Armstrong Powerhouse:
MK1 Pack
Class 150/2
Weather EP

Digital Traction:
GWR 43xx
SR Vans Pack

Western Hydraulics
EU Locomotive and Asset Pack
LMS Period 3 Carriage pack Set 4
Class 08 + Marketplace BR Green livery
Class 14
West Somerset Railway
GWR Panniers

Victory Works:
GWR Manors

Steam Sounds Supreme:
Severn Valley Railway
WSR Wagon Pack
Victory Works Pannier Sound Pack (Free)
West Somerset Railway Members Edition V3

Golden Goldsmith Scenarios:
GW Inspection Saloon Reskin
WSR ‘Quantock Belle’ Carriage reskins

Items with a * at the end are essential to run the scenario, all other items are only required if you want to see the extra stock in sidings at Bishops Lydeard and Williton.

That should be it. As always, please let me know if I have missed anything off the requirements list, or if there are any issues with the scenario or download which I have not uncovered during testing. Enjoy!