2F68 20:36 Sevenoaks – London Charing Cross [V1.1]

2F68 20:36 Sevenoaks – London Charing Cross [V1.1]

26th December 2022 8 By Dave Simulation

Update V1.1 (05/01/23): Adjusted the AI and timings for SEML Update (02/01/23).
I hope there aren’t any bugs anymore!

Drive class 465912 + 465155 on a snowy service from Sevenoaks to London Charing Cross. There are several delays and cancellations all around the network. Class 465912 has rheostatic braking on, like in real life.

Date: 11/12/2022
Duration: 55 Minutes
Route: Steam Workshop Southeastern Network: SEML, Mid-Kent & Bromley North.
*Read the manual for more detailed information!*

DTG Chatham Mainline (All versions)
DTG South London Network
DTG Portsmouth Direct Line to Waterloo
DTG Class 465/9
*DTG Class 378
DTG Class 700
Steam Workshop SEML
AP Class 700/707/717
AP Class 465 Vol. 2
AP Class 377/375
AP Class 377/387/379
AP Weather EP
Semaphore Sim AP Class 700/707/717 patch
ATS Class 465 Destination Patch
*ATS Class 378 Destination Patch

* Marked as optional (1 overground AI Service)

If there are any bugs or feedback, please leave in the comments! I’d really appreciate it!