AP Class 800-803EP Shortened Consist Names

AP Class 800-803EP Shortened Consist Names

20th December 2021 4 By Nathan Short

I’ve created a pack of edited .bin files to shorten the prebuilt consist names available in AP’s Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack to ultimately make scenario building with this pack a lot quicker and easier.

I originally made it for personal use but I quickly realised it would be beneficial to everyone that likes to build their own scenarios and considering how versatile the Class 800s are, there will be a lot of scenarios being built so I thought why not make it available for everyone to download. : )

Be sure to read the full readme file as its ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to understand the key I have included like with abbreviations and what not, obviously along with installation instructions.


You only require the AP Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack available here; https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/class_800-803_enhancement_pack