Anglian Class 86 Farewell Rail Tour (2004)

Anglian Class 86 Farewell Rail Tour (2004)

3rd February 2022 3 By Stenkil

On 30 October 2004 train operating company “One” (later National Express East Anglia) organized the rail tour called “Anglian Class 86 Farewell” covering most of the Anglian network. In this scenario, you will pick up the 1G76 Clacton to Harwich International leg at Colchester. Once at Harwich international you will form the 1G78 to Norwich and drive till Ipswich.

Good evening driver please set up your cab and collect passengers from Colchester then you will be through to Harwich Intl where you will form 1G78 to Norwich. This scenario is scripted to make sure the headboard and the taillight show up correctly once the cabs are switched at Harwich. Please note the rear class 86, 86246 may seem to be dead but once you set up 86235’s cab its traction motor blowers as well as rheostatic blowers will spool up.

Scenario name: [SSP] 1G76 15:52 Clacton to Harwich Intl. / 1G78 17:04 Harwich Intl. to Norwich
Route: GEML: London to Ipswich + Mayflower line upgrade
Type: Standard
Traction: 86235 and 86246
Track covered: Colchester – Harwich International – Ipswich
Duration: 55 – 60 minutes
Year: 2004


GEML: London to Ipswich
Freightliner Class 57/0

Class 66 EP
Class 86 EP
Class 168/170/171 EP + extra stocks
Class 90/Mk3 DVT + extra stocks
Class 321
Mk1 vol.1 and Mk2d-f coach packs
Mk2f DBSO pack
FSA/FTA wagon pack

Class 153 advanced
The Mayflower Line – GEML Manningtree-Harwich Upgrade

Class 57/0 Freightliner

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