9P52 1515 Portsmouth Harbour – London Waterloo – Class 442!

9P52 1515 Portsmouth Harbour – London Waterloo – Class 442!

24th August 2019 14 By Adam Forsyth

In this activity, you are the driver of one of the first services on the Portsmouth Direct line to be worked under SWR by the recently saved Class 442s, you will drive them from the south coast to the capital direct taking around 90 minutes. You have a pair of pigs today numbered 2406 and 2414 which have been fully refubished.


DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: London to Portsmouth Route
DTG NSE Class 159 DMU Add-on
DTG Gatwick Express Class 442 Add-on
DTG Southern Class 455/8 Add-on

Thomson Class 455/9 Add-on

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 313 Add-on
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 456 Add-on
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158/159 Enhancement Pack (Cummins)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack

Vulcan Productions Class 442 in SWR Livery
Vulcan Productions Class 455/456 SWR Branding

If anything misfunctions or you would like to give me feedback on my scenarios then please do not hesitate to contact me, this scenario has been fully tested


V1.1 – Fixed AI issue around Surbitan

Enjoy 🙂