[156] 2L74 Oovee (Hindley to Southport, 2019)

[156] 2L74 Oovee (Hindley to Southport, 2019)

24th August 2019 0 By Dark-Centurion678

(For best experience, read included PDF manual)

Drive 156466 on headcode 2L74 Blackburn to Southport between Hindley and Southport. NOTE: This version uses the Oovee Class 156, not AP.

Wigan – Southport Line
Enhancement Packs:
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/153/156 (Discontinued)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Cummins

Rolling Stock:
Armstrong Powerhouse/Waggonz Class 142
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 319 Vol 1
Dovetail Games Class 150/1
Dovetail Games Class 159
Oovee Class 156

Ash992478 Class 150/1 ex-First Great Western (Northern)
Major Wales Designs Class 142 ex-Northern Rail
SuperAlbs Class 156 Northern Rail
SuperAlbs Class 156 Northern
Vulcan Productions Class 150/1 ex-London Midland (Northern)

(Links are provided to requirements within the PDF readme included)

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