9G46 1822 St Pancras International to Bedford

9G46 1822 St Pancras International to Bedford

25th March 2022 1 By Adam Forsyth

You are working the Sunday mid-shift, and you are on your final slog up to Bedford to finish to enjoy what is left of your weekend. Due to improvement works in the Thameslink core, no trains can run through it. Not to matter as Thameslink are running a limited out of St Pancras High Level where EMR usually depart from. Tonight you are calling at West Hampstead, St Albans and then all stations to Bedford to finish using a Class 700/1. Enjoy 🙂


Steam Midland Mainline: London to Bedford route

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack

Steam Great Eastern Mainline: London to Ipswich route
Steam HS1: London to Faversham route

Just Trains Class 222 DEMU Add-on

Semaphore Simulations EMR Class 222/170 Reskin

Alan Thomson Simulation EMR Connect Class 360 reskin
Alan Thomson Simulation 10 Years Class 395 reskin

Please be assured that thisn scanario has been fully tested extensivly however should any issies arise, then please raise them to me and I shall endevour to fix them if I can. I welcome all feedback however please ensure this is constructive