6M83 Backdated

6M83 Backdated

10th February 2019 3 By MatthewLeeHancox

6M83 Backdated
Hi, here we have a semi fictional scenario set in the 1980s. As with the past 6M83 part two scenario you will be following a local service all the way.

the messege about WS301 is purely for your own discretion and is not essential, you just won’t see any AI. Regardless of your arrival time at WS301 departure at 08:50 will allow all WCML AI to be seen.

Route requirements
Noth London Backdated
WCML shap

Stock requirements
AP Class 31 Enhancement
AP class 33 sound pack
AP Class 315 pack
DTG BR blue packs
FS 102t tanks + RF72 BOC tanks available at Vulcan Productions
RF72 class 47 Stratford packs
RSC Class 31 pack
RSC Class 33 pack
RSC Class 86 pack plus AP sound pack
RSC Class 415/416
UKTS Freeware EMU pack