1G90 2137 Nottingham to Birmingham

1G90 2137 Nottingham to Birmingham

7th July 2024 0 By Adam Haigh

Tonight, you’ll be driving one of the last trains of the night from Nottingham to Birmingham as far as Derby. Year: 2013.


30-minute scenario for JustTrains’ Midland Mainline network.



Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):

Weather EP V2;

Class 31 EP;

Class 37 Vol 1;

Class 67 EP;

Class 156;

Class 158 Cummins EP;

Class 170 EP;

Mk2 D-F coaches.


JustTrains (and their dependencies):

Class 222 Advanced;

Midland Mainline (Derby-Nottingham-Leicester extension).


Major Wales Design (and their dependencies):

Class 43 Revamp.