6M47 1006 Bow Depot to Croft Quarry

6M47 1006 Bow Depot to Croft Quarry

23rd February 2022 4 By Adam Haigh

This morning, you’ll be driving a small portion of 6M47 from near South Tottenham to West Hampstead Thameslink, using the freight-only line between Upper Holloway and Carlton Road Jn. Year: 2011.

30-minute scenario for North London & GOBLIN Lines on Steam.

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):
– Class 378 Destinations Update.

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Weather EP;
– Class 43 VP185 EP;
– Class 66 EP;
– Class 319 Vol 1 & 2;
– JGA-K/PHA hoppers;
– JHA hoppers.

– North London & GOBLIN Lines.