5Z70 1248 Kilmarnock Depot – Haymarket Depot – Class 170

5Z70 1248 Kilmarnock Depot – Haymarket Depot – Class 170

10th March 2019 4 By Adam Forsyth

You are in charge of an ECS from Kilmarnock Works to Edinburgh’s Haymarket Depot. You are driving 170417 which is in Scotrail’s de-branded livery which is returning from collision repairs. Normally this move would go via Ayrshire and the E&G line however the Ayrshire coast is closed so is diverting via the WCML. You are in charge between Carlisle and Haymarket depot. Have fun ?



Thomson Class 170
Steam Class 390 (new one)
Just Trains Voyager
Oovee Class 156
DTG Network Southeast Class 159
DTG Portsmouth Direct Route – London to Portsmouth
Steam Class 380 or GARL Route
DTG Class 68
Class 66 (all 3 preferable)
Class 86
Kuji UK Assets

Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Class 90 (Frieghtliner) Pack
Class 390 Sound Pack
Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Sky/Weather Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
BR Mk2e Coach Pack
Class 43 (MTU) Enhancement Pack

Alan Thompson Sim

WCML North West and Scotland from Alan Thompson Sim
ScotRail Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Abellio ScotRail Class 380
ScotRail Class 365 Reskin
ScotRail Inter7City HST Reskin
FGW HST Unbranded
Just Trains



Both ScotRail Class 156 Reskins

Also note this scenario is over 2 hours long (due to complicated reverses and awaiting traffic with higher priorities). It is reccommened that if you do not have a good proforming PC/Laptop that you save and restart frequently to avoid game crashes and dumps. Also breaks the scenario up a bit

If you have any problems, please get in touch by either leaving a comment or email me (address provided in read me)

Have Fun 🙂