Networkers On Test

Networkers On Test

10th March 2019 0 By Cactus732

Networkers on Test

In this scenario drive a pair of brand new Class 465 Networkers (465214 and 215) on a test run from Woking to Waterloo along the South Western Mainline. This scenario is semi-fictional in that I know that the 465s were tested on the South Western Mainline, but I was unable to find the exact paths that they took during these tests.

Scenario Length: 1 Hr
Scenario Route: Portsmouth Direct Line London Waterloo-Portsmouth Harbour


DTG/Steam Store:
Portsmouth Direct Line London Waterloo-Portsmouth Harbour
Brighton Mainline
Class 455/9
Class 442
Class 421
Class 423
Class 465 (Standalone not Chatham Mainline)
Gatwick Express Class 73
Class 31 Railfreight*
Class 33
Class 50
NSE Class 47

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 365/465 Soundpack
Class 456 EMU
Class 421/423 Soundpack*
Class 442 Soundpack
Class 50 Soundpack*
Mk2 A/C Coach Pack
Sky/Weather Enhancement Pack*
Class 31 Enhancement Pack*

Alan Thomson Simulation:
Class 455/8 Reskin Pack
Class 455/9 Texture Patch*
Class 421 Texture Patch*
Class 423 Texture Patch*

DPSimulations (Rfletcher72):
Intercity Swallow Class 73
Network Southeast Class 442

All items with a * are optional patches, sounds or static AI and will not affect the running of the Scenario.