5Z62 1745 Eastbourne to Selhurst T&R.S.M.D

5Z62 1745 Eastbourne to Selhurst T&R.S.M.D

24th January 2019 2 By MrDreamliner

This scenario download depicts 1 scenario for RSCs ‘London to Brighton’ route whereby you drive a pair of Class 171 ‘Turbostar’ DMUs on an ECS move from Eastbourne to Selhurst depot. You join the train just outside of Wivelsfield station, at Keymer Junction.

Requirements –

Class 170 DMU

Class 442 EMU
Class 455 EMU

London to Brighton
Chatham Main Line
South London Network

Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (VP185)/MK3 Enhancement Pack

Class 377/6 and Class 377/7: Southern
Class 387/2: Gatwick Express

Installation instructions are included with the provided readme once you download. Enjoy!