(BL) 2O68 20:14 Sutton to St Albans City (2024)

(BL) 2O68 20:14 Sutton to St Albans City (2024)

17th June 2024 0 By LangtonPhotography

A 45ish minute scenario for the recently upgraded Midland Mainline route by Armstrong powerhouse featuring an evening stopping service from St Pancras to St Albans City set in June 2024 calling at various stations along the way.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 700 EP

Sky & Weather EP

Cloud EP


Alistair Cowell EMR class 360 reskin

Thameslink Class 700 Announcement Plugin

Just trains


Semaphore Simulations

Zico’s class 700/707/717 EP Patch

Zico’s EMR Class 222 reskin


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Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography