5A69/1A69 St Phillips Marsh-Frome-Paddington

5A69/1A69 St Phillips Marsh-Frome-Paddington

16th February 2020 0 By Robin Price

List of requirements

SouthWestern Expressway+Reading Extension

Armstrong Powerhouse
MK3 Sound Pack
JHA Wagons
JNA Wagons
Class 66

Class 59 Aggregates Industry

Class 166 Plain blue+Gwr

RF72 Reskins from DPsimulator
Class 70 (colas livery)

Class 59
Bristol-Cardiff Route

Majoy Wales Design Train Simulator
Class 43 revamp

I think that’s it. If i have forgotten something, Then please accept my apologies

In this job, You take a HST from St Phillips Marsh to Frome via Bristol-t-Meads. When you get to Bristol. Please change ends and drive to Frome ECS as 5A69. Once at Frome. Change ends again and form 1A69, 06:12 Frome to Paddington. Please don’t forget to check your itinerary by pressing F1. This service does run as according to RTT, AND YES IT DOES STOP AT READING WEST. TIMES ARE TOOK FROM 14/02/2020.This is supposed to be a class 800, but thought i would do it with a Hst. When you stop at Thatcham, just pull up past the 4+2 stop board. When you stop at Theale, Make sure you stop just before the platform ends, Failure to do this will result in the doors not opening. Enjoy