4M02 1734 Felixstowe North Gbrf- Hams Hall Gbrf

4M02 1734 Felixstowe North Gbrf- Hams Hall Gbrf

3rd May 2019 4 By bt26

This is a fictional scenario based on real-world timetables.

With GBRf reintroducing Class 92 locomotives from storage, it has been decided to trial them again on GEML freight runs. This particular run is from Felixstowe to Hams Hall.

In part 1, you are tasked with taking 66704 from Felixstowe North to Ipswich Upper Yard.
In part 2, you will couple 92028 to the front of this train and take it down to Shenfield.
In part 3, you will take the train as far as Stratford.

This scenario has not been tested in 32bit, and I am not sure that it would run without 64bit.

Requirements (links in manual, *=static):
Great Eastern Main Line London-Ipswich Route
EWS Class 66 V2.0 Loco
Freightliner Class 66 V2.0 Loco
Class 86 Loco*
GEML Class 90 Loco
EWS Class 92 Loco
London Overground Class 378 ‘Capitalstar’ EMU or North London Line Route or North London & Goblin Lines
South Wales Coastal Route or South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea Route

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack*
Class 92 Sound Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
Class 314/315 Pack
Class 321 Pack

Just Trains
Class 153 DMU Advanced

Class 321: Greater Anglia Branding Pack
Class 360: Greater Anglia Branding Pack

Kev Butler/ATS
Class 66 Freightliner G&Y (66413)*
Class 66 GBRf “66704 Colchester Power Signalbox”

James Ivell/ATS
Class 66 LED Headlights*
Class 321 Greater Anglia Plain Purple

Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper

Class 66 (No Driver Pack)*

RS Rail Productions/ATS

South Wales Coastal Container Texture Patch
Class 66 FL v2.0 Container Texture Replace 1
Class 66 FL v2.0 Container Texture Replace 2

Vulcan Productions
GBRF Class 92