2-HAL Sittingbourne to Sheerness

2-HAL Sittingbourne to Sheerness

23rd March 2019 0 By Paul Bryant

Drive the 2-HAL in BR Blue from Sittingbourne to Sheerness-on-Sea
Duration : 25 mins
Difficulty : Easy

Spring 1970
The 2-HAL units are being taken out of stock. Run one of the remaining units (2636) from
Sittingbourne to Sheerness-on-Sea on this stopping service.

Required Files

DTG London – Faversham High Speed
DTG Sheerness Branch Extension Route
DTG Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue

DTG BR Class 402 2-HAL
DTG BR Class 415 4-EPB
DTG BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack
DTG BR Blue Pack Loco Add-On
Armstrong Powerhouse JXA/POA Wagon Pack

From https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72emu.html
Class 415/416 4EPB ‘BR Blue’