[390/0] 1A74 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

[390/0] 1A74 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

22nd January 2021 4 By The GWRailfan

My second scenario upload to ATS. This scenario sees you drive 1A74, a Virgin Trains service from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston. You will be driving this service between Stafford and Rugby.

Thomson WCML Trent Valley Route (Steam/Dovetail Store)
Thomson Edinburgh – Glasgow Route OR Thomson Class 170 DMU (you only need one of these!) (Steam/Dovetail Store)
DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth Harbour Route (Steam/Dovetail Store)
DTG Midland Main Line: London – Bedford Route (Steam/Dovetail Store)
DTG VT Class 390 EMU (No longer available unfortunately)
AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
AP Class 390 Sound Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

BHReskins Class 390 VT Livery Pack (AlanThomsonSim)
PenninePacer Manchester Stations – Huddersfield Route (not the requirements, just the route itself) (AlanThomsonSim/UKTrainSim)
TSTed Class 323 West Midlands Livery Pack (TSTed Designs)

Track covered: Stafford – Rugby via Nuneaton (51 miles approx)
Stops: Stafford, Lichfield Trent Valley, Tamworth, Nuneaton, Rugby
Scenario Length: 45 mins approx
Player Train: Class 390/0 (390 057)
Headcode: 1A74
AI Trains: Class 170/6, Class 350/1, Class 350/2, Class 350/3, Class 390/0, Class 390/1
Year: 2016

I hope you enjoy the scenario!
The GWRailfan 🙂