2W43 15:20 Nunthorpe to Metrocentre

2W43 15:20 Nunthorpe to Metrocentre

23rd June 2019 Off By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

This scenario is for the East Coast Mainline North East route, which is available from DP Simulation. It will not work with the Steam Workshop version.

Most services covering the section between Newcastle and Metrocentre do not stop at Dunston. This is one of the exceptions. It’s a foggy evening in the north east, and you have been called upon to take over a Nunthorpe to Metrocentre service at Newcastle. The traction for the run is a Class 156 Sprinter in the Arriva Rail North livery.

Duration – 11 minutes
Difficulty Level – Easy

This scenario requires the following content:

European Loco and Asset Pack (included with most routes)
Class 156 DMU
Cross Country Class 220 Voyager
EWS Class 66 v2.0

(DP Simulation)
East Coast Mainline North East route (release version)

Class 156 Arriva Rail North reskin

(Fuller Simulations)
Class 185 ‘Desiro’ Pack

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
Class 43/Mk3 (MTU) Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 150/153/156 Sound Pack (optional, but recommended)

(Alan Thomson Sim)
Intercity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack

(Major Wales Design)
Class 142 Revamp
Class 142 ex-Northern Rail reskin

I apologize for the high DLC requirement, but I feel it is necessary in order to achieve the desired realism.

And with that being said, thank you for downloading and happy driving 🙂