2U08 0724 Darlington to Nunthorpe

2U08 0724 Darlington to Nunthorpe

11th April 2024 6 By Rob

This Scenario was created using RTT so all AI and player train included are as they would be of the date specified!

In this scenario you as the driver will take this Northern 158 from Darlington to Nunthorpe calling at : Dinsdale, Allens West, Eaglescliffe, Thornaby, Middlesbrough, James Cook Hospital, Marton, Gypsy Lane and Nunthorpe. Due to an BTP (British Transport Police) dealing with an issue at Durham their are a couple late running trains that will be routed out ahead of you, However don’t worry as your not due to Depart until 07:24. Network Rail are trackside at Darlington Plat2 SB and at the start of the branch towards Middlesbrough, Upon approaching the workers give them a blast of your horn to warn them of your presents. With all this information said have a nice Journey on this rainy spring day.

Scenario Requirements:
DPS NEE & requirements for the route itself

class 159
class 801

Weather EP
Track EP
Signal EP
Class 158 EP (Cummins)
Class 156 Pack
Class 800-803 EP

Just Trains:
class 220/221 Voyager

Just trains 220/221 Voyager Updated Consist pack – https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/jt-class-220-221-no-driver-no-passengers-pack/

Due to the limitations of the 158 EP the destination I have put in briefing will set to Whitby as their is no destination blind for Nunthorpe. This route has been tested and should work fine any issues please don’t hesitate to drop a comment and I will try to get back to you ASAP. In the past i have has a scenario with a COLD START before and people seemed to have some issues with figuring it out so please take into note that before you can move the train it needs to be started up from cold ( Information on this can be found in the AP 158EP manual) Have fun driving!!!