2K46 17:06 London Victoria to West Croydon

2K46 17:06 London Victoria to West Croydon

8th June 2020 1 By Cactus732

With the latest GTR timetable change, additional Thameslink branded services have displaced many services that were formerly operated under the Southern brand. As a result additional Class 377 electrostars have become available to strengthen many of GTR’s innner suburban services such as the London Victoria to West Croydon via Crystal Palace. This evening you will be at the controls of 377203 leading a pair of her 3-car classmates on the 17:06 all stopper to West Croydon, a traditionally 8-car 455 diagram stregnthened to 10-cars with the increased 377 availability.

Scenario Route: South London Network
Scenario Length: 55 Minutes

*Note-This service has a booked 10 minute stand at Norwood junction which IS simulated in the scenario.


AP Class 375/377EP
AP Class 465EP + Hornsey Studios Class 465 Pack**
AP Class 450/444 EP
AP Class 158/159 Cummins EP
AP Class 168/170/171 EP
APW Class 456 + Ash992478 (VP) SWR Branding
Steam South London Network + Superalbs Gatwick Express Class 387
Steam Class 455/8
Steam Portsmouth Direct Line London to Portsmouth + Ash992478 (VP) SWR Class 455 Branding
Steam Class 442 + VP SWR Reskin
Steam North London Line OR Class 378 Capitalstar
ATS Class 700/707/717 Desiro City Pack

**This pack is currently unavailable, it is used for a single AI train at Victoria so should not drastically affect the scenario should you not have it.