2H52 Gerrard’s Cross to London Marylebone

2H52 Gerrard’s Cross to London Marylebone

8th November 2019 0 By Cactus732

Scenario Length: 50 minutes
Scenario Route: JT Chiltern Mainline

Take a Class 172 vice 165 on a Mid-Afternoon Stopping Service from Gerrard’s Cross to Marylebone calling at all stations except West Ruislip and Sudbury & Harrow Road


Each individual pack may have it’s own requirements which are also needed for the scenario to function correctly.

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 170 EP
Class 68 EP
Class 90

Vulcan Productions
Chiltern Mk3 DVT
Chiltern Mk3 EP Patch

Virtual District Line*

AP Track and Signal Patch for JT Routes*

*Items not required but recommended