2F92 06:50 Liverpool Lime Street to Warrington Central

2F92 06:50 Liverpool Lime Street to Warrington Central

27th May 2019 0 By Ryan Harrison

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Hi this is a Scenario i made using Rail record a timetable based app. I went on this app and seen that Northern services were going to Warrington Central instead of Manchester Oxford Road only a select few were i don’t know if this was a timetable change or engineering works of some kind.But basically i played on this and created this scenario using an Ex Scotrail Barbie Class 156 and Arriva Northern Class 156 Basically this service is Getting Passengers to Warrington Central to connect for other services to Manchester and Beyond you basically take the service into the sidings at Warrington for the return journey at the end with that said i hope you enjoy this scenario and give me some feedback.

Requirements are as follows
– DTG Liverpool to Manchester
– DTG Class 156 Pack
– DTG London to Brighton
– DTG Portsmouth Direct Line
– DTG Class 390 Pack
– DTG Class 319 FCC pack
– DTG North Wales Coastal
– DTG Class 70 Pack
– DTG settle to Carlisle
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 AP and all requirements all with it
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142 Pack
– Jake Fuller 185 Desiro Pack
– Superalbs Class 156 East Midlands Reskin
– Superalbs Class 156 First Barbie Scotrail Reskin
– Superalbs Class 156 Northern Rail Reskin
– Superalbs Class 156 We Are Northern Reskin
– Dpsimulation Class 350/1 350/2 350/3 Reskins

Also if you own the AP Class 319 or the AP class 350 or the DTG Class 390/ AP class 390 sound pack or the AP class 150/1 or AP class 158 then feel free to use them instead of the actual services only if you know how to change stock.