2F25 Waterloo – Surbiton / 5F30 / 2F30 Surbiton to Waterloo

2F25 Waterloo – Surbiton / 5F30 / 2F30 Surbiton to Waterloo

18th October 2021 2 By SamuelJ

2F25 Waterloo – Surbiton / 5F30 / 2F30 Surbiton to Waterloo
Based on a real life schedule

Good morning driver. It’s a Sunday meaning that there are engineering works taking place today around Waterloo and between Surbiton and Woking. This means fewer trains and different movements. You are tasked with taking 2F25 to Surbiton. You will then make a ECS shunt movement from PL4 to PL1 at Surbiton, to return back to Waterloo. Watchout for track workers and remember your horn!

********* Surbiton Shunt Instructions **********
At Surbiton, you will be held to allow a Portsmouth Harbour train to pass. The the guard will empty your train and will give you the bells to proceed. You will then need to cross on the down slow, and ensure the rear of your train has passed ground position signal WK1104. You will then need to change ends, setup your cab, and wait for the Hampton Court service to depart Surbiton before you receive the two white proceed lights on WK1104

*****Please note that there are periods of wait time in this scenario at Surbiton (which is based on a real schedule). I would suggest either using Async keys or enjoy the other trains which pass you at Subiton*******
The signal after Earlsfield on the UP and at Clapham Junction on the UP are for some reason is red. This is an error and you should pass these at danger. You should obey all other signals.

Portsmouth Direct Line Waterloo – Portsmouth
AP Class 455 EP vol 2
AP Class 444/450 EP
Semaphore Sim Class 450 SWR reskin https://semaphoresim.com/file/54-swr-444-450-reskin-pack/
VP Class 450 Destinations https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/ash992478-patches.html

The following are used in static engineering stock, and are recommended in order for immersion in the scenario, but the scenario should function without them:
BedPan (for Class 66)
SteamSoundsSupreme Salmon Bogie Flats https://www.steamsoundssupreme.com/salmon-bogie-flats-wagon-pack.html
Any issues then please send me a message on ATS