2D36 12:26 Bishop Auckland to Saltburn

2D36 12:26 Bishop Auckland to Saltburn

11th October 2020 1 By Mark_Aviation

Having just operated 2D19 from Saltburn, you start the scenario in the process of switching cabs for the return on 2D36. You will take this service as far as Middlesbrough, stopping at all stations except Teesside Airport. This scenario is based on an actual working and all trains run to the same timings as those during the September 2020 schedule.

Scenario Length: 60 Minutes

Scenario Requirements:

DPS North East England V2 (and associated requirements)

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack (and associated requirements)

Rail Riders 66175 (and associated requirements)

Fuller Simulations Class 185 Pack (and associated requirements)

DTG WCML Trent Valley

DTG Class 180 “Adelante” Pack

Major Wales Design 180 Revamp Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack

*Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack*

*Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1*

*Armstrong Powerhouse HHA Wagon Pack*

*Armstrong Powerhouse HKA/JMA Wagon Pack*

*Armstrong Powerhouse JXA/POA Wagon Pack*

Those requirements marked with asterisks (*) are not essential requirements and the scenario will work as intended without them. However, they are strongly recommended if you want full realism.