4E12 03:32 Southampton M.C.T. – Leeds F.L.T.

4E12 03:32 Southampton M.C.T. – Leeds F.L.T.

11th October 2020 8 By 45596 Bahamas

This is a scenario for Just Trains’™ Midland Mainline Derby-Nottingham-Leicester/Erewash Valley/Sheffield-Derby route.

You take 66567 from Sheet Stores Junction as far as Chesterfield working the 4E12 Container service from Southampton to Leeds. You make a short stop at Toton Centre before carrying on up the Erewash Valley line to Chesterfield.

Requirements for this are:

AP Class 158 Cummins/Perkins Enhancement Packs
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43/HST VP185 Enhancement Pack
AP HKA Wagon Pack
AP JNA Wagon pack
AP JPA Wagon Pack
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
AP Class 60 Sound Pack
JT Class 60 Locomotive

Difficulty: Medium

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