2C63 06.56 Taunton – Devonport (1993)

2C63 06.56 Taunton – Devonport (1993)

13th March 2019 2 By Matt Carroll

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The Winter 1993 timetable continues despite the accute unit shortages. Devonport is the unusual destination of this class 158-worked service. This diagram sees the unit start at Exeter, run empty to Taunton, passenger to Devonport and empty to Plymouth. It then operates the 0912 Plymouth – Penzance and 1145 Penzance – Milford Haven. You are in charge to Devonport and back to Plymouth. Year : 1993

Requirements :
Railways of Devon and Cornwall route – available on ATS.
Armstrong Powerhouse Valenta enhancement pack and associated requirements.
Armstrong Powerhouse class 150/2 pack
Armstrong Powerhouse class 158 (Perkins) enhancement pack and associated requirements.
RSC NSE class 117
RSC Regional Railways class 101
Armstrong Powerhouse class 101/117/121 sound pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather enhancement pack

I hope you enjoy this scenario.