1Y88: 1603 York to London Kings Cross (1998)

1Y88: 1603 York to London Kings Cross (1998)

13th March 2019 2 By Leander

It is your duty to drive 1Y88 from York to London Kings Cross on a stormy summer afternoon. The service today is formed of a Valenta-powered HST, and there should be no delays to your journey. The scenario is set in 1998, however it follows the real timetables of the current respective TOCs for 16 May 2019. Even though extensive research have been done, there may still be some minor inaccuracies. Links to all the requirements are included in the readme file.

Route Used:
The East Coast Mainline Merge

140 minutes


AP – Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
AP – Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack
AP – Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack
AP – Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack
AP – Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
AP – Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
AP – Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
AP – Class 314/315 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
AP – HIA Wagon Pack
AP – JXA/POA Wagon Pack
AP – Mk2D-F Coach Pack
DTG – BR Sectors Class 56 Loco Add-On
DTG – European Loco and Asset Pack
DTG – EWS and Freightliner Class 08s Loco Add-On
DTG – Freightliner Class 57/0 Loco Add-On
DTG – InterCity Class 91 Loco Add-On
DTG – Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Add-On
DP Simulation – Class 56 ‘Fastline’
Just Trains – Cargowaggon Flat IGA PlusPak
MKS – Gatwick Express BR Class 460 ‘Juniper’ EMU Add-On
VP – VP Class 73 Pack
VP – VP EWS Class 47 Pack

AP – Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack