2C60 Worcester Foregate Street-Dorridge

2C60 Worcester Foregate Street-Dorridge

31st March 2019 0 By Cactus732

In this short scenario, take over a pair of 150/1s at Birmingham Snow Hill on a Network West Midlands (Central Trains) service from Worcester Foregate Street and drive it the rest of the way to Dorridge.

Scenario Length: 25 Minutes
Scneario Route: Chiltern Mainline


DTG/Steam Store:
Class 150/1
Class 170 or Edinburgh to Glasgow
Class 66 V2.0

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 150/1 EP
Class 150/2
Class 168/170/171 EP
Class 66 EP

Just Trains:
Chiltern Mainline
Class 67 and Car Carriers