2B12 16:40 Fort William – Mallaig (1975)

2B12 16:40 Fort William – Mallaig (1975)

29th October 2022 0 By Mattg17

A scenario for the West Highland Line Extension
Briefing: Mallaig was home to one of the last, if not the last known locations for mixed train working, usually oil tanks. Tonight you have the usual staple of running said train, which was normally the 16:40 out of Fort William and back at 18:45 behind a BRCW Type 2 on the outbound run, a full six years before the 37’s replaced the Type 2’s in the West Highlands.


West Highland Line Extension
West Highland Line South
BR Class 27

Armstrong Powerhouse
Mk1 Pack Vol.1
TTA Wagon Pack Vol.1
Sky/Weather EP

rfletcher72 BR Blue Class 27 TOPS Eastfield*

* For those who cannot obtain this reskin due to the AP40 Requirement, a version containing the Default 27 has been included