2J54 07:47 Leeds to Huddersfield

2J54 07:47 Leeds to Huddersfield

31st October 2022 1 By Bill Dalton

This 40 minute scenario takes place on DTG’s Huddersfield Line Route add-on


It’s summer 2006 and FTPE have started to replace their Class 158s with new 185s, as well as some 170s from SWT, although they haven’t had time to refurbish these yet!

Meanwhile Northern Rail has begun inheriting 158s from the likes of Central Trains and Wessex Trains. You’ll drive ex Wessex Trains 158 872 on a Northern all-stations stopping service to Huddersfield.

— Requirements —
* = Optional – static stock only which shouldn’t affect the running of the scenario.

From Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 37 Locomotive Pack (Vol.2)*

Class 142 DMU Pack*

Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack

Class 150/2 DMU Pack

Class 156 DMU Pack*

Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack

Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack

Class 170 Enhancement Pack

Class 66 Enhancement Pack

JNA-C Wagon Pack

From Alanthomsonsim:

Class 185 DMU Pack

From Steam:

DTG Huddersfield Line Route Add-on

— Installation —

Installation: Extract this the zip folder to a suitable location and copy the “Content” folder to your Railworks directory.

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