1Z85 0904 Liverpool Lime Street – Cardiff Central 2001

1Z85 0904 Liverpool Lime Street – Cardiff Central 2001

11th May 2020 1 By Newbold TMD

Drive 47733 from Shrewsbury to Cardiff to deliver Liverpool Supporters to the FA Cup Final

Route: Welsh Marshes and South Wales Coastal Merged (Workshop)

You have been held up just outside Shrewsbury and have just been cleared but watch out as all of the Up platforms are full at the moment so you may get held outside the station. Once you are through it should be a clear run down the Marshes. You should also be able to slot into the main traffic on the Newport – Cardiff line. Aim to be at Cardiff for 12:35.

**Required Stock** (needed for the scenario to function correctly)

DTG Virgin Trains 1st Generation + Backdated Trainsim RES 47/7 Reskin
AP Mk1 Pack Vol 1 + Backdated Trainsim Riviera Trains Pride of the Nation Reskin
DTG Class 170 + Armstrong Powerhouse Enhancement Pack

**Other Stock** (scenario will function correctly but not look as good!)

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Vol 1
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2
Armstrong Powerhouse BAA wagons
Armstrong Powerhouse FSA/FTA wagons
Armstrong Powerhouse HAA wagons
DTG Class 66 + Armstrong Powerhouse Enhancement Pack
Kuju HST (European Loco & Asset Pack) + Armstrong Powerhouse Enhancement Pack (Valenta)
DTG TOC Class 08
DTG Class 143 (The Riviera Line: Exeter – Paignton) + Major Wales Revamp Pack
JustTrains Class 60
JustTrains Cargowaggon
JustTrains Autoballaster
JustTrains VGA

**To Install**
Use the TS Package manager or ATS Installer to unpack the .rwp file in this zip