1Z51 15:29 Hereford – Stevenage (67)

1Z51 15:29 Hereford – Stevenage (67)

4th April 2022 1 By Jonathan Simmons

*Updated – Ver 2.0
Drive 110 miles of ‘The Welsh Marches’ railtour from Stechford to Camden via Northampton with Class 67 67020 and load 10 Mk1s. The route starts on the Grand Junction line at Stechford using the ATS WCML South v5.3 route which includes the Northampton Loop and is due for an upgrade soon. This railtour ran on Sat 26 Feb 2022
This is my first scenario, so it may not be perfect. The timings and AI trains are taken from sources available and are fairly accurate. There are over 50 AI trains
I have included two versions in the download, one is the actual times and date, the other is a daylight version in the summer, for those who do not wish to drive in the dark!
Drive carefully, Mr ATS is on board this service!

Season: Spring
Duration: 135 minutes
Weather: Clear with fair cloud
Difficulty: Normal

Install Instructions:
To install, simply copy the Content Folder into the Railworks root directory


West Coast Mainline South v5.3 + requirements (ATS)

Class 150
Class 378
EWS Class 66 V2
Freightliner Class 66 V2
EWS Class 67
North Wales Coast (For the Class 221)
Portsmouth Direct (For the Class 450/350)
South Wales Coastal
WCML South

Mk1 Coach EP
Class 150 EP
Class 350 EP
Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack
Class 390 Sound Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (Recommended)

Just Trains:
Common Library (With any MML route)
Cargowaggon Flat IGA
Cargowaggon IWB PlusPak
Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers (IPAs)

The Virtual District Line (Comes with the route)

Class 170
WCML Trent Valley

Oovvee/DTG (Static only):
Class 57 Freightliner Pack + Direct Rail Services 57/3 Reskin (Superalbs)

Riviera Trains MK1 Pack (Royal Duchy)
Riviera Trains MK2+ Pack (Blue/Grey)
Class 350 London Northwestern railway Base Grey

Major Wales Design (Recommended):
Class 390 Revamp Pack (+ all requirements)