[86259] The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2021) Part 2

[86259] The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2021) Part 2

4th April 2022 0 By Bradleigh Ennis

After arriving into Rugby (Part 1 https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/86259-1z86-the-cumbrian-mountain-express-2021/), part 2 will see you drive Class 86 No. 86259 up the Trent Valley mainline towards Stafford. You will make a stop at Nuneaton to pick up more passengers for the charter before heading non stop to Crewe (This scenario will end passed Stafford station). Traffic heading south has got a little bit more heavy as the morning progresses but once the London Euston to Glasgow Central has passed at Rugby, you will have a clear run north on the Down Fast. You may be able to take it a little bit more easier on this section since the next Avanti is 30 minutes behind you and will pass your train past Crewe.

All AI once again taken from the May 2021 WTT and timings for the charter from Six Bells Junction from 22nd May 2021.

WCML Trent Valley
DTG Class 86 (&AP Class 86 Enhancement pack)
AP Mk1 Coaching pack Volume 1
Major Wales Class 390 revamp pack
DTG Portsmouth – London (&AP Class 350 Enhancement pack)

SImply extract the .rwp file to your desktop, and use TS Utilities (in your Railworks folder) to install.

Part 1 – WCML South London Euston – Rugby (released)
Part 2 – WCML Trent Valley Rugby – Stafford (released)
Part 3 – WCML North West & Midlands Stafford – Preston (released)
Part 4 – OTS Cumbrian Coast Preston – Carnforth (WIP)