1Z28 8:35 Bangor-Appleby ‘Settle & Carlisle Circular’

1Z28 8:35 Bangor-Appleby ‘Settle & Carlisle Circular’

24th January 2022 2 By stephen bell

In this scenario you will be driving D1935 Roger Hoskings MA 1925-2013 from Bangor to Chester, with a few
passenger pick ups along the way.

You will need the following:

North Wales Coast Line:Crewe-Holyhead
Welsh Marches Line (Unbranded)
South Wales Coast Mainline (Unbranded)
Class 67
NSE Class 159

Armstrong Powerhouse
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol 1
Mk2 D-F Coach Pack
Class 67 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 158(Perkins) Enhancement Pack
Class 175 Enhancement Pack V2

Just Trains
Class 153

Major Wales Design
Transport For Wales MK4 WAG Pack
Transport For Wales Class 153
Ex-Arriva Trains Wales Class 150-2
Transport For Wales Class 158
Class 153 Revamp Pack
Locomotive Services BR Green Class 47

Backdated Train Sim
Armstrong Powerhouse Statesman Rail Pullman Mk2 and Mk1 Pack