1Y54 15:41 Oxford-London Marylebone

1Y54 15:41 Oxford-London Marylebone

1st April 2020 0 By Cactus732

In this 2 part scenario you’ll be at the controls of 168109 for the duration of the 15:41 Chiltern Mainline service from Oxford to Marylebone calling at just Oxford Parkway and Bicester Village.

Scenario Route Part 1: JT Western Mainlines Oxford-Bicester
Scenario Length Part 1: 20 Minutes

Scenario Route Part 2: JT Chiltern Mainline
Scenario Length Part 2: 50 minutes

Requirements (Both Parts)

AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement + Dependencies

Requirements (Part 1)

JT Voyager
Superalbs GWR Class 168 + dependencies*

Requirements (Part 2)

AP Class 68 Enhancement + Dependencies
APW Class 90 + VP Chiltern Mk3 DVT
VP Chiltern Railways Mk3a Patch
Virtual District Line*

*=Optional static AI not required for functionality