1Y29 16:36 Glasgow Queen Street To Oban

1Y29 16:36 Glasgow Queen Street To Oban

27th April 2019 0 By BiteSizeScenarios

This is a 3 part scenario spread over 3 different routes representing a full journey

On a hazy afternoon in the summer of 2016 you will be taking charge of 1Y29, a Class 156 DMU forming the 16:36 Glasgow Queen Street to Oban Service.

Part 1 will take approximately 47 minutes to complete.

In the first part of the run you will drive from Glasgow Queen Street as far as Helensburgh Upper, calling at Dalmuir, and Dumbarton Central along the way.
There have been a number of signalling issues along the route so you will find yourself having to contact the dispatcher a few times to get permission to proceed.

Part 2 will take approximately 77 minutes (1hr 17m) to complete.

In the second part of the run you will drive from Helensburgh Upper as far as Tyndrum Lower.
You will be calling at Garelochhead, Arrochar & Tarbet, Ardlui, and Crianlarich along the way.

Part 3 will take approximately 68 minutes (1hr 8m) to complete.

In this final part of the run you will drive from Tyndrum Lower to Oban.
You will be calling at Dalmally, Loch Awe, Falls Of Cruachan, Taynuilt, and Connel Ferry along the way.

This run has been based on accurate train times from the Scotrail timetable (9 Dec 2018 – 18 May 2019) and verified against Realtime Trains. Many of the train units used have been done based on guess work so may not be entirely accurate.
Due to being based on current timetables which are based on current OHLE being in Glasgow Queen Street the stock and timings used for the AI services may not be entirely accurate, though is based on what was being used prior to the electrification of the lines.

To play these scenarios you will need the following:

Suburban Glasgow Route V5.2e (NON Workshop version with Full Detail Pack)

For the route to be properly detailed ensure you own all the prerequisites

The Oban Line

Steam Add-Ons

West Highland Line (South) Route Add-On

Southern Class 455/8 EMU Add-On (Required for Class 318 Reskins)

Great Eastern Main Line London-Ipswich Route Add-On (Required for Class 360 which becomes Class 334 with Reskins)

Class 156 Loco Add-On

BR Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU Add-On

Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Add-On

Armstrong Powerhouse Add-Ons

Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack

Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack

Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Class 150/153/156 Sound Pack (Pro)

Reskins Required

(These Reskins are included in the Full Detail pack for Suburban Glasgow V5.2e)
Refurbished Class 318 Reskin Pack by Alistair Cowell
Class 334 Reskin Pack by Alistair Cowell

Class 156 Abellio Scotrail by Superalbs

Class 170 Scotrail Pack (AP Enhancement Pack) by Ash992478
(search on Alan Thomson Sim)