1Y21/1Y41 – Glasgow to Mallaig…the full journey

1Y21/1Y41 – Glasgow to Mallaig…the full journey

24th May 2019 4 By JetWash

It’s July 2006 and the 156 fleet at Scotrail is experiencing all kinds of problems, engineering suspect the extended period of hot weather isn’t helping. It’s peak season and the show must go on, with tourists flocking to the Highlands to experience what was once voted ‘the top rail journey in the world’.

The 158 fleet has been called upon to cover the technical issues with the 156’s and your task today is to drive from a full cold start at Glasgow Queen Street, all the way to Mallaig over 3 scenarios. In total some 5hr 15mins of challenging driving.

A detailed Driver Briefing Pack is included with plenty of information including a Real Time Trains style timetable and a list of requirements including hyperlinks.

A basic requirements list is below, anything with a (*) is used for static AI / Scenery only:


Suburban Glasgow & all its required dependencies
West Highland Line South
West Highland Line Extension
Settle Carlisle (*)

Rolling Stock (from Steam)

Oovee Class 156
EWS OTA Wagon Pack (*)
EWS Class 08


Superalbs Scotrail Class 156 ‘Super Sprinter’ DMU

Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 37 Vol 1
Class 66 EP (*)
Class 67 EP (*)
Class 158 Cummins EP
Mk2D-F Coach Pack (*)
Mk1 Coach Pack (*)
TDA-D Wagon Pack
JPA Wagon Pack (*)
Sky & Weather EP

Not essential but very highly recommended

AP Track EP
WHL South & Extension AP Track Patch v2.0
Suburban Glasgow AP Track Ballast Texture Patch
AP Class 150/153/156 Soundpack (Pro)